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Hotel RajMandir

Find out just why it’s called “Hotel Raj Mandir that never sleeps”, and enjoy the most beautiful & Luxury stay under your budget

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Hotel Raj Mandir is a venue based in Haridwar and it is available for you to host your group evnts with good values that will make it a memorable event worth cherishing for a lifetime. While you plan for your family functions (Birthday Celebration), your first desire is a nice hotel in which you will invite all your guests and perform your function celebration or manage corporate event. Hotel Raj Mandir Haridwar can be that ideal tale tour promises and can host your events celebrations. You can have a lot of fun and entertainment for your functions as the team will keep your mood honest!

Facilities and Capacity

Hotel Raj Mandir Haridwar is a beautiful event space to give you the best assistance for your events/functions/corporate tours/schools tours and to include all your loved ones. You can accommodate a night stay of up to 43 Rooms. The venue also has an elegant hotel that is capable of holding a crowd of up to 150 people in its halls which makes them a perfect fit for small commemorations.